The Speciffix implementation methodology is broken down into the following stages


Project Scoping 

The project scoping phase is a critical part of the implementation process, where we aim to understand and document your business processes and requirements, and map these into the MYOB Advanced or Exo Business product. It is at this stage in the project that the bulk of the final solution is architected, and any variations between your requirements and the software capability are identified, and then it is decided how critical they are to the business.

During the scoping stage we will take you through a pre-defined series of questions designed to flesh out the major business requirements and allow us to make a number of key initial configuration decisions.

As a parallel to the scoping task, our clients usually take a look at data that is to be converted (in particular, masterfile data such as suppliers and customers) and “clean” the data in preparation for migration.

At the completion of the scoping we provide you with a fully costed implementation plan.


For MYOB Advanced, it is during this stage that the Advanced hosting environment is established by MYOB and initial configuration is done by Speciffix. This initial company will be used for all development and testing. When the acceptance testing has been completed and approved, the system will be ported to the production environment.

For MYOB Exo Business we will work with your network/hardware provider and/or hosting company to establish an Exo database. Again the configuration is done by Speciffix. We can clone this database to a test company to use for testing and training. Cloning (backup/restore) is a simple task that can be repeated at whatever frequency is required

Implementation / Prototyping

This stage the application is fully configured, data is converted from legacy systems and initial System Testing is performed on the prototype system. Forms and Reports are designed and written along with user procedure manuals and test scripts. The final activities in this stage are acceptance testing and user training. Speciffix generally uses a train the trainer approach where we train the project team and they in turn train the end users.

This stage is where the real work from the customer team happens.The Speciffix consultants will provide project team training and then the customer project team will set about completing the configuration and testing of the prototype system. During this time the Speciffix consultants will be making changes as a result of the prototype testing and also changing forms and reports (e.g. Purchase Order, Invoice, Statement) to match the customer requirements.


The final stage of the project is to “go-live” with the new system.The key activities here are final data migration, hand-holding during the first few days of processing and over your first month end.

Project Sign Off

Typically, the completion of a month’s processing and the first month-end is the end of the implementation process, and it is at this stage that we ask the project sponsor to sign-off the implementation, and from this point on, we move into the post-implementation support period.

Our approach for data conversion would be to have you export your data from your existing software to Excel spreadsheets.These would typically include customers, suppliers, inventory items, GL chart of accounts. Both MYOB Advanced and MYOB Exo Business have a utility that allows us to configure and import data in bulk via Excel files so that you won’t have to key in too much information. Outstanding customer and supplier transactions would also be loaded  as would the opening balance sheet and profit & loss journals.

Implementation costs, include setup, migration of the data, training, forms customisation (invoice, statement etc..), live migration and post go-live assistance.