In the enterprise software space the 'product' is more than just a collection of software. It is an ongoing working relationship between your software supplier/implementer and your team.

Before we start a new implementation, Speciffix spends time ensuring we have a clear understanding of your business needs, pain points and objectives. Good communication and a clear understanding of expectations by all concerned is the best way to ensure a successful outcome. Our staff are highly familiar with the capabilities of the products we sell and support. These products are highly flexible and configurable. Our objective is to help you improve your business therefore we analyse your requests and provide advice on how you might improve your business process. The software is just another tool,  and we are in the business of providing solutions not just tools.


When we first encounter your company you will want to know what the software does and doesn't do.  In the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) space we are looking at very extensive products with a multitude of configuration settings and an extensive list of functionality.  The best way forward is for us to get to know your business, so don't be surprised if we ask you a lot of questions before we show you some of the software. 

If you are good at doing your own research then we can also provide you a demonstration disk and sample database for you to explore in your own time.


Priorities for implementation is to firstly meet compliance criteria.  Often you will be moving from a another software product and we can assist with porting data. For some of this data it is sometimes better for your to re-key this to the new software as this process familiarises your staff with the interfaces and thus provides live hands-on training. This is also an opportunity to 'clean' the data e.g by ensuring that your 'static' information for trading partners and contacts is accurate and complete. Perhaps you might also want to revise your G/L Chart of Accounts.

After you have the basics under-way we concentrate on areas that will bring the swiftest benefits to your business. We will have already identified these areas in earlier discussions with you. Some of these may require customisations.


We find that training is best done in person on your site. Rather than doing this in presentation style, we prefer to walk your staff through individual processes with them in the driving seat. Most people are kinesthetic learners rather than audio/visual.

MYOB also offer significant resources for their MYOB EXO Business product in their MYOB EXO BUSINESS Education Centre. MYOB also provide classroom style training courses in their Auckland training centre.  If you are interested in these then we can arrange this for you.  


Although the software is highly configurable, there is likely to be some areas where your needs are different to common practice. You might also want functionality that is not native to the software suite.

The supplied report libraries are very extensive but usually we find that customers want something just a little different. We can either adapt an existing report to the presentation you want, or create new reports.  If you are keen then we will train you how to use the report designer so you can tweak things yourself. The designer is right there in the product. 

You may want us to create custom software procedures to meet specialist needs. Often we can do this right inside the database and hang these procedures on the menu. The software runs on industry standard Microsoft SQL databases.

We also have available  a range of 3rd-party add on products available including our own exoPlus product (an MYOB EXO Business extender product).

Support Requests

We process support requests through our Service Centre ticketing system.  We have processed over 5000 tickets through this system so that should indicate that we are good at assisting you and your staff and that our staff have extensive experience in helping clients.  Good planning and management means that it is rare that any of these service requests are of a critical nature. 

Often we can resolve issues or small change requests by phone and/or remote access to your server.  This minimises the cost to you as there is no travel required. Of course, we will visit you at your site if you request or if the nature of the issue requires us to. 

Support requests might also involve us requesting a software change by the authors of the software and we are fully equipped to submit such a change request to them (i.e. we log a ticket on their system). However, this does not form a commitment for them to action such a change and it is at their discretion if and when such a change is made.  Often they will offer an alternative or work-around. They are market driven so will prioritise changes that have the broadest impact on the user community.

Software Development

We have already mentioned our own exoPlus extender product for MYOB EXO Business, and we expand the functionality of this product on an on-going basis.  If you have a requirement that can be added to expPlus, and it has the potential to be of benefit to other users, then we can discuss the merits of such development. exoPlus is sold on a subscription based model but we might also ask you to contribute to development costs of a project requested by you. This will depend on our evaluation of potential market for such a project.